Accelerating international business

through exhibitions

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.has been renamed RX Japan Ltd.

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. has been renamed RX Japan Ltd.
We are evolving to create more valuable trade shows.

Since our establishment in 1986, we have contributed to the development of various industries, as well as the revitalisation of the Japanese economy by organising "professional tradeshows where exhibitors and visitors conduct serious business discussions."
As a result, we have grown to become the largest exhibition organiser in Japan, holding 84 exhibitions in 34 fields annually.

Through the Corona pandemic that occurred last year, we have been rethinking the significance of trade shows and the mission of exhibition organisers. As a professional exhibition organiser, we have realised our sincere desire to create trade shows that are of greater value than ever before.
To achieve this goal, we have decided to take a new step forward rather than staying where we are.

Accelerating international business through exhibitions

Connecting people to people and companies to companies, RX Japan aims to expand your business through trade shows.
We sincerely hope that we will continue to receive your kind support.

July 15, 2021
*Composed of 357 Sub-exhibitions

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PHILOSOPHYCorporate Philosophy

"Organizing exhibitions" are directly linked to "enriching nations, cities, industries, companies and people".
By organizing exhibitions, we will contribute to the development of the Japanese and global economy.

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About RX Japan

RX Japan is the largest "Exhibition Organizer" in Japan. We will introduce its history and track records.

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We organize over 80 exhibitions annually in various industry sectors. You may see the exhibition list by industry and month.

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