Notations based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Shop information

Shop name
RX Japan Ltd.
RX Japan Ltd.
Person in Charge
Takeshi Tanaka
11F, Yaesu Central Tower, Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, 2-2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028, Japan
Exhibition booths
Licenses and Certifications
Sales quantity
Applications will close when all spaces are filled.
Please check availability by zone.
Fees other than the product price
Application validity period
The contract becomes official upon completion of the application.
Cancellation after that will incur a cancellation fee in accordance with the regulations.
Delivery period
Move-in day prior to the exhibition session

Returns and Defective Items

Return deadline and conditions
If the contract or this exhibition (or any part thereof) is cancelled due to force majeure causes, 60% of the total amount of the exhibition booth fee including consumption tax will be refunded.
In the event of a postponement, exhibitors may choose to either cancel the exhibition booth contract and receive a refund of 60% of the total exhibition booth fee, including consumption tax, or to exhibit at the postponed exhibition. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions.
Return shipping fees
Not generated as it is not a sale of goods
Defective Items
Not generated as it is not a sale of goods

Payment methods

Payment methods
Bank transfer or credit card
Payment due
Included in the invoice